Eive - Our Electric 2cv Van

The Small van with a BIG personality

We are pleased to announce the birth of Eive – our Electric Classic Citroën 2cv Van:


I imagine you are looking at our website because you’re interested in an Electric van and you are not impressed with the modern vehicles on offer, which all look a bit bland and will blend into the background.

The one thing Eive will not do with its classic looks is blend into the background.

You will get people on the street taking photos of your Eive and posting it on their social media. Your customers will remark to their friends and clients about your van. In no time at all, you and your Eive will become instantly recognised in your area.

Eive is not just a van, it is an ambassador for your company.

One bit of advice, make sure you have some business cards with you as you will be surprised at how many people will stop and ask you about Eive and your Company. Eive is a great marketing tool and will give your company great brand awareness which no modern electric van can offer.

Is it a New Van?

Please do not be mistaken Eive is NOT a old classic 2cv van that has been rebuilt. Evie is made mostly from new components assembled by our team here in Wiltshire.

We are very proud that Eive is built in Great Britain. All Eive’s are built to order. This means your Eive can be completely bespoke to your needs. We can paint almost any colour you can think of.

Eive will only be produced in very small numbers so it will never become a common sight on UK roads.

Your bespoke built Eive

Before any work can commence, we spend time discussing your personal requirements with you. There are not many vans that allow you to have so much of a say in the specification before it is built for you. You can visit your Eive at any point during the build process.

Pick a colour, ANY colour
To start with you’ll need to choose the colour for your Eive. Most customers choose an original Citroen 2cv colour but you can have any colour you can think of.

Choose your upholstery
There are around 32 choices of colours and fabrics and there are also a selection of different coloured door cards and head linings.

The devil is in the detail
There are a number of other choices to make as well such as, grille style, steering wheel, type of gear knob & colour of wheels and bumpers etc etc, There is also a list of optional extras that you can choose from.

Take the First Step

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